Author’s Introduction & Forward


I have long been enthralled with the genre of superheroes; though this came about less through comic books, and more through fiction of a similar sort to Super Powereds. My career currently revolves around traveling and aviation (as I wish to see as much of this beautiful world as possible) and my somewhat consistent hobby is writing; perhaps one day I shall become a professional in that field. We shall see.

Concerning the story you and I are about to embark on; it has evolved significantly since I started reading the various serials contained in the non-canon Super Powered Universe. Because of this, I have resolved to incorporate many smaller details gathered from a variety of the stories written here. My goal is to provide some semblance of familiarity within the fan-fiction storylines, connecting many of them in small but potentially significant ways; while staying true to the Original canon provided by the most excellent Drew Hayes. Of course, if you have not yet read his novels; I must admit I am slightly puzzled as to how you found your way here. Please, go read “Year 1 – Year 4”, “Corpies”, and “Blades & Barriers”. These novels are the continuing foundation of all other stories taking place in this amazing Universe (and you might as well support the author while you’re at it!). Go read his stories HERE!

As for the even more expansive fan-fiction storylines; here are a list of the non-canon stories/authors that will provide the basis for most of the world building found in “Path of the Golden Average”. You can read them here.

BeamMeUpScotty: Author of “A Change of Pace” (Go check his website out: beammeupscottysstuff)
MDS: Author of “Darkest Days/A Calculated Response” and “Masks We Wear”
Oniwasabi: Author of “Second String Supers” (He also has a website! cmh-fiction)
BunnyLover: Author of “England’s Heroes”
There will also be a few details from Epiphany’s “A Dance of Shadows”, and “Villain University” by Jopa; several characters and locale from Raptor22’s story “Echos”; quite a bit of inspiration taken from Hoshino_Fokkusu’s tale “Why Couldn’t You Buy A Ferrari Like Everyone Else”; and a smattering of small mentions and certain events from a few other stories.

By now you’re probably shaking your head repeatedly and mumbling something along the lines of…

“Gosh J.D., that’s a quite a lot of expectation you’ve built up there. How ya gonna manage not burning out? Or losing interest? Or giving up hope that it all doesn’t come crashing down?”

Well, my finely feathered friends; those are indeed all excellent questions. As you can probably tell, this is a pretty ambitious project; and I recognize that. I also recognize the simple fact that I love writing and at the moment, I’m completely enthralled with the Super Powered Universe. There aren’t really that many other series (or novels in general) out there that quite hits the spot like Drew Hayes accomplished; and for that the credit is entirely his own. So for now, I am only hoping to explore the many opportunities and stories that have arisen from such a fascinating world. We’ll simply have to see where such exploration leads.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to mention them below! First upload goes up today, then I’ll start sending them out once or twice a week. I don’t really have a set word count for each chapter; so that might fluctuate accordingly (though it will probably stick between 1500 – 3000 words).

Thanks once again to everyone joining me on this journey! And of course, thank you Drew for giving me the opportunity to immerse myself in the world you created. I truly hope my story does it justice!

~ J. D. Rhyder


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