Beyond the Horizon’s Eye

It is less than two weeks after the event known as the Flux Causality, and two days after the Grand Council has put forth the edict demanding the immediate retrieval and deletion of all Stringhoppers. Finding such Travelers, however, is proving more difficult than expected.

A young boy and his sister find themselves violently taken from their world to another, and soon thereafter are forcibly separated. Now sold into slavery, the young man must find not only a reason to survive but a purpose to carry him home. The journey has just begun, and the hardest step is always the first one.

This is my attempt at both the Xianxia/Wuxia and Portal/Isekai genre of fiction that I love, and the means to provide a story set in such guidelines, while distancing myself from some of the more common tropes. I do hope you enjoy the story I shall endeavor to tell.


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BtHE: The Journey Begins (Book #1)


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