A single thought penetrates my conscience, it’s barbed edges catching on the recesses of my mind; latching on and refusing to let go. Because of it’s singular determination in demonstrating it’s importance; I find myself forming the prevalent idea into descriptions, a script that ebbs and flows. I breathe the concept, I taste the words, I come to a conclusion. Simply put – it’s how we look forward into life that brings reason and understanding; it’s the choices we make during our individual journeys that change the world. Every minute of every day, we are affecting the people around us. The responsibility of such actions is not something to be taken lightly.

Ah, but what about me? This is, after all, a bio of sorts. Why, I’m a writer pure and simple. I enjoy taking the art found around me in the world, and turning it into stories that flow and whisper through our minds. I listen to music, and entire worlds crop up before me, teeming with life and story, begging to be told to anyone that will but stay and listen. If it is up to us to make a difference in this world, then I will start here; putting ink to paper and fingers to keyboard, in hopes that the message will flow beyond the restrictions of time and space – and touch those few individuals who so dearly need it.

~ J. D. Rhyder


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