Overview of the HU

The HU (or Horizons Universe) was a concept first conceived when my wandering imagination began placing myself in all the various forms of entertainment (films, tv shows, novels, games, art, music, etc.) of my youth. Through the processes of experience, age, and understanding of the world; I eventually began to condense the scattered stories into one single cohesive universe. In many ways, the Horizons Universe became my belief system, my worldview; both spiritually and physically. It is not that the realities within my universe are fact; but that with simple belief… faith… they can cease to be fiction.

As such, they cannot be contained within one individual – but instead must be freed to enter the consciences of the world, to live and breathe on their own accord; brought about by the many people who embrace such possibilities.

I do not expect each person to agree, nor even to like such seeming irresponsibility. Of course, such are the individuals who keep our Earth contained, solid in foundation and steadfastly locked in its physical laws and principles. It is because of these people that this world is locked in the center of realities; for the comings and goings of other worlds are but a passing inconvenience, not to be recognized or acknowledged.

To each their own.

The Horizons Universe (and its subsidiaries) will be an interconnected multi-universal series written primarily by John D. Rhyder – covering a wide variety of entertainment outlets; including, but not limited to: Movies, TV shows, Literature and Radio.

Covering multiple genres and a wide variety of philosophical and moral topics; the multiple series or singular novels can be easily separated individually into fully contained stories. Each story is encompassed in the greater Horizons Universe, and its subsequent realities. 

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