The Adventures of Honest John

The concept of Honest John occurred to me many, many years ago. Like, in 1st or 2nd grade. If I plan on following the titular theme, I must admit two things.

One: It began from a dream. A very detailed and completely rational dream that no young boy my age should have; at least, not without outside influence. To this day I am amazed at the clarity revolving around the memory; it has never faded or changed in structure. The story contained within the dream was a widely interactive timeline of a young boy/man who journeyed forth from his home to make his fortune and became close friends with young African tribal lad. Their adventures carried them around the world and into many scrapes and close calls Рalways somehow managing to just escape with their lives and fortunes intact. Due to their numerous and sundry tales of daring and excitement (and the complete candidness of John Thompson), a legend of the man called Honest John began to take form and spread throughout the world. Quiet the dream really.

Two: I always had the concept of Honest John fixed in my mind, I just never did anything with it. Thus my reasoning for installing it as one of my ongoing web serials. Not only does it fit the format rather well (think of it as an episodic tale of daring do), it is a good-natured and unusually clean story at heart. If I were to compare my goals for this serial to a known author or genre, I would have to choose one of my personal favorites… G. A. Henty and his young lad tales. I will certainly be discussing this fantastic author at a later date in one of my blogs (and will link it here when written); so for now I will simply say that good morals and the important principles that make a proper gentleman will be the prevalent themes contained within.

I truly hope you enjoy the many adventures coming up!

~ J. D. Rhyder

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