The Card Thief of Culnivar

Deep with the cozy kingdom of Daeton, among the generation-old farmlands and villages, a young farmer’s daughter stumbles upon a dead man. His elaborate clothing has been torn to ribbons, yet his skin remains unblemished. His face is peaceful, and tucked into the hand lying across his chest can be seen a solitary playing card.

He is a Ludum Haeres. The last remnant of a Summoner. Numbered among those few capable of changing their destinies. The unseen rulers of the world known as Vesperia, and one of the most powerful creatures in existence.

The woman knows none of this. And so, she picks up the card…


This is my third novel on Royal Road, the first being “Beyond the Horizon’s Eye“, and the second being “The Dawnfire Archives“. This story is something of a test in a new genre, that of CardLIT. We’ll see how well it succeeds as the story continues. It takes place in a different setting than my other tales, with an entirely new cast of characters. It does, however, contain several ties between the stories.

CToC: Dawning of the Mistcrowned (Book #1)


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