The Dawnfire Archives

It begins in the endless wastes, with an unknown man arriving at the bottom of the tallest mountain in existence. A mysterious voice provides few directions, bringing more questions than answers. Regardless, after choosing a name and weapon… the man begins to climb.

He will not be alone on this journey. A young individual from a different reality has also made his way to The Climb.

But what does their arrival bode for the people of this world? And where does climbing the mountain truly lead?


This is my second novel on Royal Road, the first being “Beyond the Horizon’s Eye“, and the third being “The Card Thief of Culnivar“. This story is much more GameLIT than Xianxia and takes place in a different setting with an entirely new cast of characters. It does, however, contain several ties between the stories.

TDA: First Steps (Volume #1)


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